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Best Domestic Cleaning in England | Cleaning Guide: Cleaning Your Living Room Efficiently

brooms-857508_1280Whether you like it or not, the living room is the place where visitors get a first impression of the family’s lifestyle. It’s the house section – along with the bedrooms – that reflects the taste, interior preferences, or personalities of the people living in. If your living room is full of clutter or is not properly organised, chances are, visitors will think that your family is unorganised or full of clutter as well. Is it? Of course, it’s not.

Some families love to keep their living room clean – great to hear this. It’s because they know that “a clean place” can make them feel good. And yes, it does really feel good. However, the cleaning process and being consistent isn’t that easy. In some cases, it consumes an ample amount of time – making you exhausted or worse, disorganized.

Being one of the providers of home Cleaning Services in England for years, we’ve realized that there are some ways to make your living room cleaning more efficient. Here’s a guide you can use. It’s cleaning time!

1. Declutter the room (first)

Stand in the middle of the living room and check every object in placed. Are all those things needed? Do they add comfort or stress? If not, remove them away from the room. Decluttering the room before cleaning the mess is a huge factor in making your cleaning time more purposeful and efficient. Plus, it also helps regain space in the room.

2. Start with the ceiling objects

After decluttering, proceed to the ceiling objects – ceiling fans, chandeliers, bulbs or lights, etc. Wipe them carefully, or use a feather duster to remove the dust. Keep in mind that most of them are fragile. Be extra careful in cleaning them.

3. Proceed to the walls

Wall objects such as frames, clocks, wall fans, decorative wall lights, or just the wall itself are the next to be cleaned after the ceiling. Be careful of the cleaning product you’ll use. Some wall objects aren’t suitable with the chemicals found in the product. You can use a damp cloth or a

4. Here comes, the windows

Don’t forget the windows – from the jamb, rail, windowsill and to all parts (depends on the kind), clean them. If you have plants on your sill, remove it first. And don’t forget the blinds or the curtains.

5. Clean the appliances, furniture, and other living room stuff

Numerous living room things are waiting to be cleaned. Yes, they’re waiting for you. From T.V, sofa, chairs, coffee table, book shelves, cabinets, and the list go on. Clean them carefully. Remove the dust and stain.

6. The floor, don’t forget the floor

If you follow all the steps provided, chances are, your floor or maybe your carpet is now swarming with dust or any debris left from that cleaning. Now, it’s time to get that vacuum. But before you start, make sure everything’s finish – from the ceiling to the rest of the living room

Don’t have time to clean?

Don’t worry. Our cleaning services – coined as the Best Domestic Cleaning in England –  can help you. Call 0747 67 47 115.

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